Quotes from Doc Holliday's Aug. 27 Press Conference

Aug 27, 2013

Marshall-Miami Game Notes

Opening Statement:

"Miami (OH) is our opponent this Saturday. I have a great respect for the Mid-American Conference. They had a team in the BCS game a year ago. Miami (OH) has a great tradition in that conference. Anytime you look at who you're getting ready to play, you first look at the quarterback. Their quarterback, Austin Boucher, is probably the best quarterback that you've never heard of. Three years ago, he finished the last four games for that team and was 4-0 and he never lost a game in high school. If you combine his high school and college career, he's undefeated. He won the last four games, including the MAC championship, and was the MVP in the bowl game. He's capable of beating you with both his arm and his feet and will present a tremendous challenge for us. Dawan Scott is an excellent receiver and they have three tight ends who have played a lot of football. They're very well coached and play defense extremely hard. We have to make sure that we are prepared and have a lot of preparation from now to Saturday. They will be an excellent challenge for us."

On Miami (OH) quarterback Austin Boucher comparison to Ohio QB Tyler Tettleton:

"Well, not only can you compare him to Tettleton, but Miami (OH) beat Ohio a year ago. We've watched every play that Boucher has played in a three year span and he is that good. He's an excellent player and we have great respect for him and the Miami (OH) team. We have to make sure we're prepared to play them."

On defensive strategy against Austin Boucher:

"You have to contain him. You would have thought he would have gotten more snaps. He's very capable. If you go back and watch his last four games, he throws extremely catchable balls. He's also very accurate."

On WR Dawan Scott:

"He's extremely athletic. There's not a whole lot of difference between Harwell and Scott. The other thing that gives us an issue is the other receivers because they are unknown. The redshirt freshman they have is extremely talented. The two backs have played a lot. Spencer Treadwell is the starter, but they're both very talented guys. Some are known, others are unknown. We know they are all very athletic guys."

On facing a younger team than Marshall:

"Anytime you are going into a first game there are a lot of unknowns, regardless of who you play. We have to be extremely sound in what we're doing. You have to be pretty simple. First games are always going to have adjustments that have to be made before the game ends. There's no doubt that we are going to see something that we haven't seen or prepared for. We just have to be able to adjust to all those situations and we have to do it pretty quickly."

On having MAC opponents on the schedule this year:

"I think Mike (Hamrick) has done a tremendous job. The one thing about C-USA now is that it's more regional as far as we're concerned. It's going to give our fans an opportunity to get to the games. With the addition of playing a couple MAC teams a year, whether it be Ohio or Miami (OH) along with, in the future Akron and Kent State, it's teams our fans do relate to and places are fans can get to. With this conference becoming more regionalized, to keep playing a couple of MAC teams who are excellent football teams gives our fans a chance to see us when we are on the road. To me, that's a good thing."

On the Marshall depth chart:

"We have three tailbacks out there who are going to play, possibly four of them. We have three or four linebackers who we are going to roll in there. We have some offensive linemen with Josh Lovell and Sebastian Johansson in the mix there. Clint Van Horn Is playing extremely well. There are seven or eight offensive linemen who are going to roll in there. We always roll a bunch of receivers. With the secondary, hopefully we can now play five corners and three safeties. We will be able to roll those guys in there."

On Kevin Grooms:

"He practiced for the most part last week. He should be fine by Saturday. He's worked his tail off and spent a lot of time in the training room. He should be fine and ready to go."

On Essray Taliaferro on top of the depth chart for RB:

"It started last summer during the summer conditioning and he had a great camp. He's worked extremely hard and every day after practice he's in there watching tape on his own. He's matured an awful lot and he's a good player. He deserves to be where he is with the leadership he has provided during camp. They're all going to play because they're all good enough. He'll start Saturday because of what he has done."

On Miami (OH) stuggles last season defending the run:

"They're going to be better defensively. A lot of it is personnel-driven and they played some great rushing attacks. I'm sure they'll be a lot better than they have been on defense and will provide us with a great challenge. We have to make sure our offensive line is ready to go. If they give us the run we'll take it. If not, we'll throw the ball. We'll take what the defense gives us and hope to be prepared. In first games like this, you don't know how they're going to defend you. We have to see how they will play us."

On the Marshall locker room atmosphere:

"Right now there are about 124 teams that think they're going undefeated. Everyone is excited right now. It's like I told our guys all along. Everyone thinks they worked harder than anyone else up to this point. It's what happens with your team as far as preparation and investment. School starts and distractions start to take place. The teams that handle the distractions and continue to prepare and be invested like they need to be, those are the ones that win. We have to make sure that our team is one of those teams."

On Miami (OH) corner Dayonne Nunley:

"He's a playmaker. He blew his knee out the 11th game of last season. He was a punt returner a year ago and is not listed as a punt returner now. He's a talented guy, extremely talented. He's very athletic. I don't know how far along he is with his knee, but he's listed as a starter so I'm sure we'll see him. He's a talented guy."

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