Ot Elmore

Men's Basketball

Men's Hoops Q&A with Junior Ot Elmore

Nov. 8, 2016

HZ: What are you excited for most in the upcoming season?

OE: I’m just looking forward to seeing how we can do. I hope we can win the conference championship.

HZ: What skillset do you bring to the team?

I think I’m a pretty good shooter and passer. I’m pretty good offensively, but I need to work on the defensive end.   

HZ: What’s the biggest difference between Huntington, W.Va., and Charleston, W.Va.?

OE: Huntington isn’t quite as big, but it seems like there’s more going on with Marshall. I enjoy it.

HZ: Who is your favorite NBA player and why?

OE: I like Klay Thompson. I like the way he shoots the ball and his game. I know he’s struggling right now, but he’s who I model my game after.

HZ: What is it like to play with your brother?

OE: It’s just special, because we have played together our entire lives. I’m excited to do it on this level.

HZ: What made you want to transfer to Marshall?

OE: I liked Marshall, because I wanted to get certified to become a teacher and they had a master’s program for it.

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