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Postgame Quotes

Jan. 30, 2013

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Marshall Head Coach Tom Herrion

Opening Statement:

"It's a terribly disappointing loss to say the least. What is most frustrating, upsetting, is our failure to gain an understanding of who we are. We struggle to defend and rebound consistently every night. We seem to have lost our identity. Home, away, neutral, shouldn't matter and that is what discourages me. Tempo was all in their (SMU) favor with the zone forcing us to take 28 threes, which is probably too much considering we only made seven, but we will look at it tonight on film. Missed a lot of good open looks early, didn't rebound, and our transition defense was nonexistent. Give SMU credit, however it is a very discouraging loss."

On SMU's zone defense:

"We knew they would play it, we practiced for it, had a lot of good open shots early which we missed. We would have liked to attack more. We played a little too much side to side. Again, we missed 13 free throws. Again, our defense is what was most discouraging, and to get out rebounded by six tonight is unacceptable."

SMU Coach Larry Brown:

Was the MO tonight to deny them their drives?

"If you ever watched us coach, I don't know what a zone is. I don't know how to coach it or to play against it. Our bench is so short. The way the game started out, we had three turnovers early. Then they [Marshall] made a few threes. When we're in zone, I think every shot is going in. When someone zones us, I don't think we'll make any. The zone helped us tempo-wise. I think it helped us on the board because they're a tremendous rebounding team. We tried to use clock almost every possession, and I think at times they got a little impatient."

"I watched them play. I watched the Memphis game. I didn't know how their mindset would be because they played so well and they deserved to win. I thought that if we could hang in, that would be important. That was a tough loss to a team that played so well."

"I'm happy for our kids. We've lost so many games. I'm not happy the way we ended. We acted like the press scared us. I feel like beating Marshall at Marshall is a huge win for us."

On being able to exploit defensive breakdowns:

"We made them guard for 30 seconds. I think when you change sides, and move the ball, no matter how good you are defensively, there's going to be some break downs. This is probably the best we've played offensively all year. Then we rebounded great. They [Marshall] are leading the league in rebounds. I think the fact that we controlled clock and moved the defense a lot and got their big people away from the goal we were able to get some good looks. Early on, we hurt their press a little bit. Normally, we're so thankful we break a press, I'm begging them to try to score against the press, and I think we did that a little better tonight."

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