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Marshall Women's Soccer Postgame Quotes

Nov. 6, 2015

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Marshall head coach Kevin Long

On an expectation to win as the higher seed
"We are kind of new to this. It is our first time in the tournament in this position and so the tougher dilemma in this game is that we played ODU back a week ago and it was a battle then. We won in overtime, so that's what we focused on. Motivationally, ODU had no problem playing against us. They were seeking revenge. We had to control the tempo. That was the biggest thing."

On the team's start to the game
"We didn't want the first half to be what we played like for the entire 90 minutes. They took us out of it very quickly, and we had a hard time adjusting to that. It was a little bit of a wakeup call at halftime that we hadn't played very well. I attribute a lot of it to the defensive pressure they were putting on us. We were being a little lazy with our reads off the ball and with our possessions, but you can't do anything if you are stagnant. I think the biggest problem we had in the first half is that we were being lax. It was nice to see them come out in the second half. They knew they had 45 minutes left in their season and they did a great job. Two players scored for us that really haven't peppered the stat column for us all year."

On the come-from-behind win
"I think the players knew that if they played the same, their season would be over soon. They had to do something different. They had to bring a different level of play to the field than they brought in the first 45 minutes -- it just wasn't working. I think that was the goal; we had to go a little bit more up-tempo. We both played on Wednesday, so it was a decision we had to make. If we were going to win, that 45 minutes had it ended up being a ninety minute game of the same thing, we would have been pretty unhappy with the result. We made some major changes on how we pressured the ball. We played with a little bit more time on the ball and more movement, and I think that was the biggest difference in the second half."

On playing North Texas in the C-USA Championship match
"First of all, we can't wait to wake up. We can't start slow and then bring the energy long after the kickoff. We have to come strong from the beginning. North Texas is good -- they are fast, aggressive, strong and physical. We have to play from the first whistle to compete with them."

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