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Sept. 16, 2017

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Doc Holliday, head coach

Opening statementââ'¬Â¦
Sometimes you have to grind a game out and find a way to win it. I remember two years ago we end up winning 10 games and we went up there and had to go into double overtime to beat that team. They are a well-coached team, they are a tough team. I was proud of the way the defense prepared and played this week. Anytime you shut somebody out you're happy with that. Offensively I thought Tyler King gave us a punch there, he had over 100 yards rushing which was good to see. The last drive we stuck it down there with about five or six minutes to go in the game, and we took the ball and went right down the field. Some good things, it is always great to into an open date with a win and we will get some guys back healthy this week and we will get ready to go see Cincinnati.

On the difference Tyler King madeââ'¬Â¦
All I know is when we put the ball in his hand, he made yards. That was good to see, he is a talented guy. I'm glad we were able to get him in there and see what he could do. Unfortunately, he ended up with that infection a couple weeks ago and he could not practice for about two weeks. He is a competitive kid, he's a talented kid and we will add him to the mix.

On the importance of scoring before the halfââ'¬Â¦
I thought it was huge. It was a grind it out game. We didn't play great but to get that ball and get it in the end zone there at the end of the half was huge.

On the defense tonightââ'¬Â¦
When they did get into the red zone those couple times we had to make some big plays. I thought the defense was tremendous. That offense is extremely hard to prepare for, so Chuck Heater and that defensive staff deserve a lot of credit the way they were able to shut that offense down.

On Ryan Beeââ'¬Â¦
I talked to J.C. [Price] after the game and he said Ryan Bee was sensational. Obviously, J.C. doesn't compliment a ton of players. I am anxious to see him on tape tomorrow.

On Chris Jacksonââ'¬Â¦
He just keeps getting better. You get really good kids who love football and it's important to them, they go to work every day and they get better. You see that with him. The way he has developed his body and the way he's developed his game. I wish we hadn't got that penalty on that play because it changed the field position on us, but that was a big-time play.

Chase Litton, junior quarterback
On the touchdown runââ'¬Â¦
"Their defense had a great call for the play we called against that and they gave us a man look. I knew we could out number them with the man look. Once we got it and Tyre brought two people to him, I knew we could make a play."

On Tyre Brady's demand for defensive attentionââ'¬Â¦
"That's what opens up other guys. Marcel Williams, eight catches. Guys step up and they make plays and he is a JUCO guy who came in here and he is hungry. You got to see it on full display tonight."

On not finishing offensivelyââ'¬Â¦
"It's always frustrating. Our defense could be holding them to zero or they could be having a bad game. We have to execute. We feed of them (Defense), but really they were feeding off themselves tonight. We couldn't finish for them, we couldn't score points for them. It is not Marshall, what it used to be with big numbers and all that stuff. We have to find ways to finish. I can't force balls that I should not force. 21 (Demetrius Monday), he baited me. He gave me a bail technique, so threw the speed out and he jumped it and made a hell of a play."

On Tyler Kings performanceââ'¬Â¦
That's Tyler King. You guys weren't in there for halftime when we are all sitting and quiet, we needed the juice and Tyler King stepped up. He had not played a snap the whole first half and he comes in there and he's loud, he's vocal and he's letting everybody know you cannot sit here and be acceptable with this. This is not Marshall football. That message came loud and clear from him and went to our offensive line. Our defense was playing Marshall football and has been this whole season. As an offensive unit, we have to keep going, we have to produce.

Ryan Yurachek, senior tight end
On getting the winââ'¬Â¦
It's definitely important to come out of here with the win. It's much better to be heading into the bye week 2-1 than 1-2. Good teams find a way to win and it's not always going to be perfect. We grinded one out tonight.

On the defensive performanceââ'¬Â¦
I can't say enough about how well our defense played tonight. That was one of the best defensive performances that I've ever seen here at Marshall. They definitely won us that game tonight.

Evaluating the team through the first three gamesââ'¬Â¦
Games like this are what we need. I don't think that blowing out teams like Miami (Ohio) and Kent State helps us as a team as much as games like this do. We weren't winning these types of games last year and that shows just how far we've come.

Tyler King, redshirt freshman running back
On having to wait until tonight to playââ'¬Â¦
It helped me overall. The coaches knew what they were doing. They didn't want to rush me back too quickly. I took that as a sign to make myself a team player. I knew that I wasn't playing, so I sat on the sidelines and cheered my teammates on.

On his fourth quarter touchdownââ'¬Â¦
It felt great. Once I crossed the goal line and looked back to see all of my teammates, it felt so great. I give all the credit to them.

Chris Jackson, sophomore defensive back
On his interceptionââ'¬Â¦
I was trying to take it back. The offensive players turned into defense quickly on me. The play was a zone coverage. All week, coach Heater had been telling us to work on overlapping in between two receivers if they go ten yards. I saw them go about eight yards, overlapped it, and the quarterback just put the ball in my hands.

On the defensive performanceââ'¬Â¦
It was a tough game. The defense bent a lot, but we never broke. We didn't give up any points and that's a tremendous feat in itself. Coming in against this triple option offense, which is hard to prepare for, we knew we had to be very disciplined throughout the game. We played a great defensive game tonight.

Chase Hancock, redshirt junior linebacker
On Ryan Beeââ'¬Â¦
He's a big man. He's strong and I'm just glad that I'm on the same team as him. He had an outstanding game tonight. He's always getting into the backfield and putting pressure on the quarterback. We need guys like him.

On the defenseââ'¬Â¦
We worked really hard this week on keying in to some things. They were running reverses and option plays the whole game. We emphasized on everyone doing their job and we did that tonight.

Ryan Bee, redshirt junior defensive lineman
On preparing for Kent Stateââ'¬Â¦
It was a hard week of preparation. I can't remember the last time that we played a triple option team. It was a big week on focusing and keeping our eyes locked in on our assignments and we did that tonight.

On getting the shutoutââ'¬Â¦
It's huge. We were talking in the defensive huddle about holding them because for a long time, we were one play away from being tied up again. We just had to keep pushing and not get too comfortable.

Marcel Williams, junior wide receiver
On his touchdown catch at the end of the first halfââ'¬Â¦
It was a broken play. I was open on my route, but when I saw a defensive player near me, I knew that I had to get open and get in the sight line of Chase (Litton) so he could get me the ball. I just ran to the open spot and he got me the ball.

On Tyre Brady's ability to get others openââ'¬Â¦
We expected it when he had 248 yards last week against N.C. State. That was something that our coaches always talked to us about. When they doubled him, it allowed for Willie (Johnson) and I to get open with single coverage.

Levi Brown, redshirt sophomore offensive lineman
On the offensive lineââ'¬Â¦
We had some things in the first half that we weren't really happy about. For us to come out in the second half and make those adjustments and have (Tyler) King run the way he did in the second half built a lot of confidence in our line.

On the youth along the offensive lineââ'¬Â¦
We had three freshmen on the line at times and I thought they all played well. (Alex) Mollette was really confident after having to play all of those snaps last week. Will (Ulmer) had a few snaps last week, so it was good to see him get some more this week. Tarik (Adams) has been really good for us for the past three weeks. We have confidence in all three of them.


Paul Haynes, head coach

Opening statementââ'¬Â¦
Disappointed with the loss. We knew it would be tough to come in here and pull out a win. But I think our guys fought hard, I think there is going to be a lot of positives on the film when we watch it. Our special teams came in here and played well. We've got to keep our heads up and keep moving forward. Unfortunately the 21-0 score doesn't reflect this game so much. But I'm proud of our guys for coming in here and fighting. We have to continue to get better and we've got a long way to go.

On offensive productionââ'¬Â¦
We had opportunities to move the ball and score. We did move the ball, we just didn't capitalize. Penalties killed us, so we shot ourselves in the foot with those and turnover.

On Marshall's special teamsââ'¬Â¦
Marshall had some dangerous returners and for us to go down there and cover them and down them, if we can continue to do that, we'll be alright.

On offensive explosive plays
When you look at fast defenses like Marshall has, and they pursue the ball very, very well. So you mix direction. It's good against teams like this. We have to make more of an emphasis on it.

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