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Marshall Women's Basketball Postgame Quotes

Dec. 31, 2013

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Matt Daniel, head coach
Opening Statement
"I'm so glad to get 2013 over with. I don't know what to tell you. In 2013, our team won three games in conference play. We've dealt with so much going on. The game today was a rescheduled game, Chukwuka Ezeigbo being gone for three weeks, Erica Woods' injury and so on and so forth. We're still figuring out who we are. We should have won a couple of games that we didn't win. We're ready to move on to 2014. I'm glad to put this one behind us and move on to NJIT."

On what the team will take away from this game
"I think there are a lot of lessons out there. The bench gave up a lift in the first half and then the bench hurt us in the second half. The starters hurt us in the first half and helped us out in the second half. We started our eighth different line up. Our eighth lineup in 16 games. Davis & Elkins' effort on the glass is what kept them in this ball game. We extended the lead to 15 points late in the game and within a minute, we substituted and our lead was gone. They shoot the ball very well. They shot 58 field goals. They try to shoot 100. They are a fast break team and had zero fast break points. There are some positives to take away from it, but I'm not very good at that. I'm just going to put this one behind us and we practice tomorrow at 10 a.m."

Leah Scott, junior guard
On the differences between Division I and junior college play
"They are very different. The players and the speed of the game are the biggest differences. The players are stronger and seem to be more advanced. In Division I, not everyone can out-shine any other player. Everyone plays well. There are a lot of good players all on the same court."

On the improvements by understanding the game in Division I better
"I think my attitude is improving. I've become more humble on the court and help my team a lot more. I feel like it's helping us win some games."

Chukwuka Ezeigbo, junior center
On taking time to get back in the groove following time away from the team
"It will take a few games for me to get back into everything. The two weeks that I was gone I had no facility to use to keep up on the court. It will definitely take a few games to get back in the groove, but it shouldn't take too long."

On getting the feeling of being back home
"This is like my second home and it felt great to get back. This has been something I've missed for the past few weeks."

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